Better start  

Hear and Say is an approved Better Start Provider.


Better Start is a children with disability initiative which provides funding for early intervention services for children under the age of six years who have been diagnosed with an eligible disability.  Children eligible for the Better Start program include children who are deaf or hearing impaired who meet the eligibility threshold.


Better Start will be replaced with the NDIS when it rolls out across Queensland from October 2016. To learn more about Hear and Say and NDIS click here.


We encourage families to become familiar with the NDIS by subscribing to receive the NDIS regular e-news updates.


Read frequently asked questions about NDIS in Queensland here and the NDIS Fact Sheet here.


To find out more about funding streams available to you and your family and payment options for our services, please contact Lisa Bath, Practice Manager via email or call her directly on 07 3850 2111.