Microtia and Atresia

Microtia and Atresia are lesser known congenital birth defects that can impact on a child's hearing.



This congenital disorder occurs in 1 in 6,000 births world wide. It causes a deformity of one or both ears in which the outer ear is underdeveloped or absent. Microtia is almost always accompanied by Atresia because the baby's outer ear and the ear canal develop together during pregnancy.



Is the absence of an external ear canal and in many instances the ear drum and ear bones can also be affected. This means that as there is no canal for sound to travel through, these children are born with a conductive hearing loss.


Hear and Say run a Microtia and Atresia support program for families for families with children born with microtia and atresia. 


You can purchase the annual Microtia and Atresia Conference video presentations on line