Zari at her switch- on with her child sponsor Glenise


“Being at the switch-on was a really special day for us. 

We look forward to receiving regular updates on Zari's progress


become a Child champion

You can share in a deaf child’s incredible, challenging and emotional journey into the world of sound and speech by becoming a Child Champion.  Your support of a child through twelve months in Hear and Say’s program will give them access to life in the hearing world unlimited by their disability. 

Words cannot really express the benefits of sponsorship - physically, mentally and spiritually - to the child, their family and yourself!
To put it in perspective for us - although it could be perceived by most people as being a wonderful thing to do, it is actually one of the most selfishly rewarding things we have ever done.  The joy we get in our lives from our sponsorship infinitely outweighs any financial contribution we make.
This is something we never contemplated or thought about doing; it is something we never realised we could do – for us the experience has changed our lives forever…”

....Ray Balks and Glenise Anderson, Child Sponsors since 2009


You too can make a real and lasting difference to a child’s life and that of their family. 

Making a tax deductible donation of $10,000 for 12 months sponsorship, or $835 monthly, enables Hear and Say to provide Early Intervention for one deaf child for one year, helping to give them the lifelong gifts of sound and speech.  Through regular updates and meetings you will see how your gift is helping to turn around the future for a deaf child. 


Please contact a member of our Fundraising Team on 07 3850 2111 or for more information on how you can participate in this life changing experience.