Leave a gift that lasts a lifetime..... 


The gift of sound and speech


Make a bequest 

A bequest in your will is a way to ensure that you leave a legacy for future generations.

Whether big or small, every gift helps Hear and Say to continue providing life changing early-intervention programs and services to Queensland children and families.


A bequest is a specific instruction in your will.  You can find suggested wording here, or simply contact a member of our funding team on 07 3850 2111 or via email.


We recognise that you may choose to keep your intentions private, but we would welcome the opportunity to recognise your kindness in making this gift to future children and would like to thank you personally and invite you to visit us and keep you updated with our work.


For more information, or to discuss leaving a gift to Hear and Say in your will or through the Hear and Say Foundation Perpetual Fund, please contact us directly on 07 3850 2111 or complete the electronic from by clicking below.


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