A child's hearing may change over time, often without the child, parent or teacher noticing, so it is important to monitor a child's hearing even if they have passed previous hearing tests.


Hearing difficulties may have a significant effect on a child's ability to learn.  Children with a hearing loss may experience speech and language delays, educational difficulties, behavioural problems and often require increased support.


 Our Process Our Service


The screening takes approximately 7 minutes per child and is performed by our team of audiometrists and screeners experienced in working with children.

The screen includes:

  • Screening hearing test for both ears under headphones
  • Testing of the function of the middle ear for both ears
  • Recommendation/s based on the results
  • Hear and Say has a staff of trained professionals in paediatric Audiology providing our School Hearing Screening Service. 
  • Parents and schools (with consent from the parents) will receive a summary of results.  
  • We can work with the school and families to provide Audiology, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy as well as a dedicated educational support program and access to classroom sound solutions.


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Download a fact sheet for our School Hearing Screening Program here.

"The success of this program highlights to me, the need for students to have access to a screening process within the school environment.  Improved hearing will lead to improved student outcomes, and improved student outcomes is our core business."  

Principal, of a Queensland State School