enhancing listening in the classroom

Classrooms are noisy environments for the student and teacher. Hear and Say can assist schools to optimise sound levels in the classroom, thereby providing a more conducive learning environment.


Hear and Say skilled audiologists are available to visit the school to help determine what can be done to improve the classroom acoustics.


This analysis involves measurement of the sound level and reverberation (echo) in classrooms and auditoriums. A formal report with recommendations is provided.


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Sound Field FM Systems


Whenever noise, distance and reverberation are present, even the best listeners need an extra sound boost.


Whether it is in a classroom or auditorium, Sound Field FM systems bridge the distance between teacher and child and reduce teacher absences due to vocal strain and voice fatigue.


Hear and Say can work with you to cost the supply and installation of a Sound Field FM System and more importantly ensure that the system provided is the most suited to the room’s use.


As a guide click here to view the Dynamic Soundfield current range and price list


Hear and Say are leaders in paediatric hearing services

Hear and Say can work with the school, teachers and parent groups to identify if students are hearing clearly.


Our team of audiometrists and screeners can conduct school hearing screening of students hearing as well as review the sound levels in class rooms providing the best listening environment for both the students and the teachers.


Depending on the outcome of Hear and Say's visits to the school we can offer comprehensive assessment and management of a child's hearing, no matter how mild or profound.


To find out more about how we can assist your school to obtain the best listening environment for your students please contact us at hearing@hearandsay.com.au or phone us on 07 3850 2111 for more information.