Concerns about a student's hearing



Hearing difficulties can affect a child's ability to learn - both at school and socially.


A child's hearing may change over time, often without the child, parent or teacher noticing.


Research indicates that up to 15% of primary school children may be affected by slight and mild hearing loss (Hearing Schools Study, 2005).  That's why it's important to monitor a child's hearing even if they have passed previous tests.


Children with a hearing loss may experience speech and language delays, educational difficulties, behavioural problems and often require increased support.  


Some common warning signs of hearing problems in children:

  • Parent/caregiver or teacher concern for hearing
  • Speech/language delay or differences
  • Says “what?” or “huh?” often
  • Difficulty understanding speech in background noise
  • Not startling to very loud sounds
  • Attention or behavioural problems
  • Academic difficulties
  • Inability to detect where sounds are coming from


Hear and Say are leaders in paediatric hearing services

Hear and Say can work with the school, teachers and parent groups to identify if your students are hearing clearly.


Our team of audiometrists and screeners can conduct school hearing screening of students hearing as well as review the sound levels in class rooms providing the best listening environment for both the students and the teachers.


Depending on the outcome of Hear and Say's visits to the school we can offer comprehensive assessment and management of a child's hearing, no matter how mild or profound.


To find out more about how we can assist your school to obtain the best listening environment for your students please contact us at or phone our Brisbane Centre for more information on 07 3850 2111