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I know I am not alone in using the New Year as a time to plan for the future and to reflect on what has been achieved.


This year, I am amazed and thrilled to say, we celebrate 25 years! To think that what was started with a small group of just six children, their parents and siblings, and a methodology to teach the brain in an era of new technology, has blossomed into what we have today.


I looked back on a blog I wrote just five years ago, and it has been quite humbling to see how we have 'ticked' many of these dreams off our list and can only dream of more!  


We have introduced a new 25 year icon (below) which will appear over the year. We also have a range of special commemorative events and activities planned so keep a watch out for these.



This milestone provides the perfect opportunity to share precious memories. Here is mine.......


For me, I will always remember the first day these early children arrived at Hear and Say as babies held by anxious parents, or as toddlers and young children. It has been my great pleasure to have taught, nurtured and watched the parents become knowledgeable and confident and the children progress from first words to their first day at school.


During the year we are encouraging everyone who has had a connection with Hear and Say to share their precious memory. You can do this via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or please email us and we will share it with others. 


There are many people who have played a part in enabling us to reach this milestone. Thank you for your support, advocacy and generosity towards our vision for babies born now and over the next 25 years to have a hearing, listening and speaking future, a future that will not be limited by their hearing loss.


I look forward to reading your memories and stories of Hear and Say throughout the year.


Thank you, with love


Ps. During our 25th celebrations we will be sharing past photos as well as memories via Instagram so click here to follow our journey.


Posted By: Dimity Dornan (Executive Director & Founder Hear and Say)  05 January 2017 3:42 PM Last Updated By: Dimity Dornan (Executive Director & Founder Hear and Say)  12 January 2017 2:19 PM


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