Ask Poppy Tom and he will tell you that giving is the best gift ever……

What do you get for your birthday when you are turning 70? For ‘Poppy Tom’, the decision was an easy one – give back to others more deserving. “As you get older gifts seem a mere trifle compared with using the occasion to support others,” said Poppy Tom.


Poppy Tom is grandfather to two beautiful young girls, ten-year old Sloane and six-year old Jules, who were both born profoundly deaf.



“I have been lucky to be able to watch my gorgeous grandchildren grow up hearing, listening and speaking, thanks to the support they have received from the team at Hear and Say”, said Poppy Tom.


Hear and Say turns 25 this year and has centres located across Queensland including the Sunshine Coast at Nambour. Its aim is to help all children to hear, listen and speak so they can attend a regular school, have wider career choices and can more fully participate in the community. To achieve this Hear and Say must raise more than $10,000 per child per year to fill the funding gap so that children like Sloane and Jules can receive the gift of sound and speech.?


“Donations in lieu of gifts gave me such an enormous sense of pride and my friends and family members were generous in supporting a cause that meant so much to me. It is a great thing to do and I encourage others to consider doing the same,” said Poppy Tom.


Sloane and Jules received two cochlear implants at aged 3 and 1 respectively. They attend Siena Catholic Primary School in Sippy Downs and are doing all the things that kids love to do, including spending time with their Poppy.

Poppy Tom's birthday party was held at the Caloundra race course in December with 70 family and friends in attendance. Over $4,000 was donated to Hear and Say.


If you or a member of your family have an occasion coming up where gifts would seem ‘a mere trifle’ then encouraging family and friends to donate to a ‘charity of choice’ is a great way to make their gift go so much further.

Contact a member of the fundraising team by calling 3850 2111 or email to the fundraising team and a member of the Hear and Say fundraising team will assist you with setting up your ‘gift’.




Posted By: Chloe Van Mulligan (Fundraising Officer)  09 March 2017 10:45 AM Last Updated By: Chloe Van Mulligan (Fundraising Officer)  09 March 2017 10:48 AM


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