Ladies Long Lunch helps open worlds for more babies with hearing loss

I am thrilled that our inaugural Ladies Long Lunch (LLL), which was a huge hit in 2016, is on again on Friday 26th May. This year we will be at Watt at the Powerhouse where great food, great company and great stories will be washed down with some of Australia’s best ‘bubbly’.



The wonderful Hear and Say Alumni Mum’s, Tina, Lisa and Alex who are hosting the ‘LLL’ have some incredible plans for the day.  However what I wanted to share was not the day but the outcome.


Over our 25 years we have seen amazing outcomes for little ones diagnosed with hearing loss and their families. Families whose lives are forever changed and their children, many who are now young adults, who have a life ahead of them that is of their making and not limited by their hearing loss. This is the reality of what we do.


These are the stories that I am looking forward to hearing on the day. The emotional journey that started with so many unknowns.

I know I write on behalf of our Founder Dimity when I say that it is these moments that make what we do so very special. These are our proudest moments.


So why lunch?

Without people like you, people who attend our events, buy raffles, donate on the day, and become life-long supporter, we cannot run our programs. Funds from the Government only cover 40% of what we need. That is why your contribution is so important.


Why lunch? Because not only do you have a fantastic day out, it really is fun! Every dollar you give will help change a young person’s life so we have more children grow up to experience a rich and rewarding future, a future that is not limited by their hearing loss.


Who do we thank?

Of course the wonderful ladies who are supporting ‘LLL’ thank you.

Also to those who have purchased tickets and are encouraging friends, family and colleagues to join you. Thank you.


If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, please consider purchasing one. I can assure you it will be a great day and more importantly your support will truly make a difference.


You can purchase tickets on-line here or give me a call (ask to speak to Tim) on 3850 2111 and I will run you through the day and the details.


Thanks in advance for helping make our 25th year bigger and brighter.






Posted By: Tim Slater (Senior Fundraising and Events Specialist)  04 May 2017 12:27 PM Last Updated By: Tim Slater (Senior Fundraising and Events Specialist)  04 May 2017 12:30 PM


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