A Grandma’s Perspective

Trish is Winten’s Grandma and she has been a part of Winten’s Hear and Say journey from the very beginning. Trish comes to the Hear and Say centre in Brisbane with her grandson on a regular basis and for her, family is the most important thing in the world. “I’m fortunate to be able to spend every second Tuesday with Winten. I picked Tuesday because that’s the day he goes to Hear and Say and I love it! We have such a great time and as a grandmother, there is no greater pleasure than seeing my grandson happy.”

“We are a very close, tight-knit family so anything to do with Winten’s health and wellbeing, we all like to be involved as much as possible. Winten’s mum Tash (my daughter) did her research and was given all the facts before making her decision to take Winten to Hear and Say. This is a decision that we are all very thankful for as it’s been absolutely fantastic since the beginning.

Like all children, Winten will have challenges in life. His challenges will be slightly different to many other children and as a family, it’s really important for us to all be able to be there for him and support him through those challenges. Not many health providers have the ability to support the family as well as the person in their care – but this is one of the many things we love about Hear and Say. When Winten has his therapy sessions the clinicians have been more than welcoming, allowing all family members who want to attend to join in. This has been very important to us as we all play a role in Winten’s learning and development.

The rapport that we have all built with Winten’s speech therapist, physiotherapist, audiologist and other staff at Hear and Say, it’s like we’re all part of one family. Having the same amazing people each week creates a special bond and has such a positive impact on the outcomes for Winten.

It’s very obvious that Winten benefits from this approach. Winten never cries but when he goes to hospital he cries, he really dislikes it, he plays up and won’t do the tests.  When he goes to Hear and Say it’s a completely different reaction. He loves it, he responds to the tests, we can achieve what we need to and he’s happy.

I’m fortunate to be able to spend every second Tuesday with Winten. I picked Tuesday because that’s the day he goes to Hear and Say and I love it! We have such a great time and as a grandmother, there is no greater pleasure than seeing my grandson happy. 

Since having his cochlear implant switched-on, we have noticed how much Winten’s whole face lights up. The impact the gift of sound has had on Winten goes beyond being able to hear. His intellectual capacity has grown and his physical ability has improved enormously; he’s turning his head, he’s looking at things, he’s looking at people. He is using his core strength and that’s having huge benefits for him physically. So much has been opened up to him; physically, socially and emotionally.

My hope for Winten this Christmas is for him to see and hear the joy of Christmas. We go to the local Christmas parade each year and because of Hear and Say, he will be able to see and hear everything. He can soak up all Christmas magic and fall in love with the time of year just as all kids do. It will be a next level of excitement and engagement for him – it’s just going to be a wonder for all of us.

The people at Hear and Say change lives. Not only the life of the children they treat, but the family’s lives and the extended families lives. It’s had such a profound impact on our lives that it’s hard to describe.

The holistic approach that Winten has with Hear and Say is so important. You need the early intervention, the technology and the auditory-verbal therapy in order to get the outcomes you want. We can see the end results, we can see how Winten is going to achieve things, we can see the changes in a week, so imagine what he can achieve in a lifetime!

Thank you for supporting Hear and Say, it has opened up Winten’s life and our lives in a way we didn’t think was possible.


Winten’s Grandma 


Winten with his Grandma Trish

Winten’s whole face lights up as he receives the gift of sound after his cochlear implant switch-on.

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