Hear and Say are independent experts in hearing health. 

Services for Adults

As independent experts in the field of hearing health, Hear and Say has 27 years in proven auditory rehabilitation experience and expertise.

Our professionally accredited and independent Audiologists and Listening and Spoken Language specialists work with children and adults to ensure they have the best outcomes when it comes to hearing loss. From the initial assessment to ongoing therapy, training and management to maximise the performance of your hearing device and hearing outcomes for patients.  Support and therapy can be provided in person or remotely via tele-health options.

Hearing assessments

Hear and Say offers comprehensive and independent hearing assessments to ensure you or your loved one does not miss out on anything that life has to offer.

Hearing technology

Hear and Say will provide individuals with the most appropriate treatment options and technology based on their level of hearing loss.

Rehabilitation, training and therapy

We are committed to providing long-term and ongoing support to people to ensure they get the right outcomes for their hearing.

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