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Clarity and Confidence for Busy Working Mum

As a senior finance manager and mum of two girls, Jackie Taylor knows all about juggling the many demands of a busy work and home life.

However, when it came to doing something about a hearing loss which was leaving her increasingly frustrated, Jackie knew she needed to act.

“At the end of the day, taking charge of my hearing loss was a quality of life choice. I am a very happy-go-lucky type of person and one who loves to have a chat, but at the age of only 41 I was already finding it harder to understand people,” Jackie said.

“I was struggling particularly at work, and with that my confidence was starting to wane. I would be in meetings and although I could hear what people were saying, I couldn’t understand them. Often I found myself asking multiple times to repeat the questions.”

After being referred to Hear and Say by her GP, Jackie booked an appointment for a hearing assessment. Jackie said she was impressed by the support and follow-up she received throughout the process.

Although acknowledging there was still a stigma around wearing hearing technology, particularly for younger people, Jackie said that ultimately going on to get fitted for hearing aids at
Hear and Say now felt like a “no brainer”.

“From the moment I had my hearing aids in, I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on so many noises,” said Jackie.

“The technology is amazing, and they are discreet and comfortable to wear. I don’t have issues with client calls at work anymore, and I am relaxed knowing that when I ask, ‘Pardon?’ in conversation it’s justified, not just because of my hearing.

“It has improved my hearing immensely. Once you have them in, it’s a whole new world!”


Maia’s Story

At 9.10pm on 24 October 2013 our beautiful daughter Maia was born. 

The moment of elation was short-lived as we immediately noticed her left ear was missing. I frantically looked to the medical team around me for answers but received none.

Panic set in as we waited 4 days in hospital for an ENT to explain her condition, by which point we already had all the answers from Simone, who runs the Microtia and Atresia Program at Hear and Say.

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