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Dimity is awarded Senior Queensland Australian of the Year

We were thrilled to hear the news that our very own Dimity Dornan AO has been named Queensland Australian Senior of the Year.

Dimity’s wonderful work for 25 years with Hear and Say, her international work, and most recently with developing the bionics industry has meant that she was recognised with this great honour amongst a very prestigious field of Queensland nominees.

Dimity founded the Hear and Say Centre more than 25 years ago and has since championed the advancement of bionics, including extraordinary creations such as bionic eyes, limbs, nerves and more.

Early in her career, Dimity, a trained speech therapist, developed empathy for the deaf and hearing impaired and this has influenced her career direction and personal endeavours since.

A chance meeting with a young deaf boy who was incapable of communicating to her, or the vast majority of the population strengthened Dimity’s resolve to find an Auditory-Verbal solution as an alternative to sign language, as was the practice in Queensland at the time.

In 1992 Dimity founded Hear and Say. Today we have helped thousands of children with hearing loss and their families to have a hearing, listening and speaking future. This amazing milestone was celebrated on 6 July 2017.

Dimity believes in transformational leadership and as a mentor adheres to the values of trust, passion, integrity and inclusiveness. She gains great pleasure as a role model inspiring women young and old to consider their potential and to look beyond ‘today’ and to be passionate about their future. She loves working with inspirational young people and has said that it is these young minds that keep her young.

Her enthusiasm and energy to make a difference has not wavered over time and she remains as passionate and forward thinking today as she was 25 years ago when she first had the vision for a better future for babies born deaf. Her drive to keep going is based on knowing that there is more to be done which can only be achieved with like-minded people and organisations collaborating and working together toward a shared outcome for the betterment of mankind.

Please join with all us Hear and Say in congratulating Dimity and celebrating this very significant and well deserved award for Queensland Senior Australian of the Year.


2018 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year Awards at Old Museum Building, Bowen Hills – Picture: RDW Photography 


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