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Family generations are all ears for hearing health

When grandfather, Dennis McLaughlin decided to investigate the hearing issues that had been bothering him for years, he was already well-acquainted with the team at Hear and Say.

Dennis’ granddaughter, Lyla was with the rare conditions of microtia and atresia, affecting the formation of her outer and inner ear.

“We had no prior knowledge of these conditions, and were understandably very concerned with what the future would hold for Lyla and our family with regards to her treatment,” recalled Dennis.

“However, we could not have hoped for a more understanding, professional and caring organisation than Hear and Say, and attending special events such as Grandparent’s Day provided us with a better appreciation of the range of services given to so many children with hearing difficulties.”

After learning about the launch of Hear and Say’s new Adult Hearing program last year, Dennis took the leap and made an appointment about his ongoing hearing loss and tinnitus.

“My audiologist explained to me the hearing process and where hearing aids and other devices would be of assistance,” said Dennis.

“I was treated with the greatest respect and patience in the diagnosis of my particular hearing problems and how they could be treated – and while it is early days yet, I have already seen an overall improvement in my hearing and look forward to this continuing over time.

“Getting my hearing aids has led to greater access to sound, and has meant that I can more confidently participate in my volunteer work and social activities, and have more quality time with my family and friends.”

Do you want to take control of your hearing health? Hearing loss can happen at any age, at any time, and can often happen so slowly it goes unnoticed. Visit to find out more about our Adult Hearing program.


Maia’s Story

At 9.10pm on 24 October 2013 our beautiful daughter Maia was born. 

The moment of elation was short-lived as we immediately noticed her left ear was missing. I frantically looked to the medical team around me for answers but received none.

Panic set in as we waited 4 days in hospital for an ENT to explain her condition, by which point we already had all the answers from Simone, who runs the Microtia and Atresia Program at Hear and Say.

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