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FAQs for Families

My child has a hearing loss. Which services do they need?

Younger children with hearing loss benefit most from a multifaceted early intervention approach that incorporates:

  • multidisciplinary therapy assessment and intervention
  • consultation in educational setting
  • parent education
  • social skills development


These services are packaged together in our Early Intervention Program in a transparent way so that parents and caregivers can feel confident in their child’s abilities in the lead up to school entry. 

If your child is already enrolled in school but requires therapy services, parents and caregivers are encouraged to access our targeted intervention services in addition to other services as needed.

If you are unsure what support your child needs, please contact Hear and Say on 07 3850 2111.


Can my child access speech therapy without having a hearing test?

All children benefit from having their hearing tested before they commence any type of speech therapy services.

Hear and Say can cater to all your audiology needs, and all families are strongly encouraged to have their child’s hearing checked before commencing therapy.


Do I (the caregiver) have to attend therapy?

At Hear and Say, our methodology is that the best outcomes are achieved when caregivers are shown what to do, so that they are empowered to help their child’s speech develop.

Therapy session goals will be agreed upon jointly, and homework will be provided to administer.  Therefore, in order for everyone to get the best out of therapy, we strongly recommend parents or another family member attend sessions to learn how to support the child.


Can my child access services via telehealth?

Telehealth services are an option if you are unable to access a face-to-face service. Hear and Say has been providing telehealth intervention to specifically develop listening and spoken language for more than 15 years, with evidence supporting our ability to achieve great outcomes. Read about our Telepractice program here.


What sort of funding can I access for my child?

All Australian children should be able to access some form of funding to assist with their fees. Every child’s circumstances are unique, and where you live may affect the fund you can access. Please contact our NDIS team if you have any questions around your child’s or your eligibility to NDIS funding. As an NDIS service provider, all Hear and Say services and programs are eligible for NDIS funding.

  • NDIS
  • Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan for treatment (up to 5 sessions in a 12 month period)
  • Betterstart
  • Private Health


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