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Hearing is waking up to the sounds of birds singing in the morning, listening to the waves crash on the beach, hearing the people you care about say ‘I love you’. It’s the little things that make a difference once those sounds are gone. Without being able to hear, you lose a connection to the world, your community and your family. You only live once, so that’s why we’re here to help, to open your world.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Just like your eyesight, hearing loss can occur at any age, at any time, slowly affecting the way you interact with the world. It can go unnoticed by those affected for many years and it is often family and friends who notice, and become frustrated, first.

Among adults, hearing loss can lead to withdrawal from social situations, reduced communication ability, loss of confidence and can have a negative impact on mental health. Research is also showing links to detrimental changes in brain cognition over . As such, early intervention and rehabilitation is very important.

Common signs or symptoms that you may have a hearing loss

  • You often ask people to repeat what they have said or respond with ‘what?’ or ‘huh?’ when someone asks you a question
  • You experience tinnitus – an intermittent or continuous noise in the ears or head – buzzing, ringing, hissing
  • You find it hard to hear on the phone
  • You need the volume turned up on the TV, radio or iPad
  • You’re sometimes unsure of which direction sounds are coming from
  • It’s hard to hear in noisy places like a café or a football game
  • You might get tired and fatigued from concentrating more than usually during conversations or at events

If you experience any of these signs or symptoms, a comprehensive hearing assessment with one of our audiologists is recommended.

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