There are lots of ways you can support our children.


Updating your will to include a bequest to Hear and Say will ensure we can continue to support future generations to hear, speak and live.

Every gift to Hear and Say helps us to provide our life-changing Early Intervention Program, which includes speech and language therapy and audiology services for children with hearing loss.

A bequest is a specific instruction in your will to donate a sum, legacy, percentage, or residual amount to Hear and Say.

We are extremely grateful when people decide to include a bequest to Hear and Say. We recognise that you may choose to keep your intentions private, but we would welcome the opportunity to recognise your kindness in making this gift to future children, and would like to thank you personally, invite you to visit us, and to keep you updated on the impact we make, together.

Bequests are a vital source of Hear and Say’s income and without the support of our community, we simply couldn’t continue to work with children in need.

We recommend that you seek independent advice about your will, which is specific to your circumstances.


The following information is intended to be a guide only:

To make a bequest to Hear and Say we suggest you instruct your solicitor to make the adjustment in your will or use the following wording:

“I give, to Hear and Say – Centre for Deaf Children Limited, free from all charges, the sum of $_____ [or insert the nature of the bequest i.e. legacy, percentage, residual etc.] for its charitable purposes thereof (or for the charitable purposes thereof in _______ [insert location / centre etc.]) and direct that the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer of the Centre for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees for such a gift.”


Hear and Say Foundation – Perpetual Funds

Hear and Say Centre has established a charitable fund with the Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) known as the Hear and Say Foundation.

The Hear and Say Foundation provides funding for child and parent education to help young babies and children with hearing loss to listen and acquire language and speech using auditory-verbal therapy and new hearing technology (like the cochlear implant).


QCF is a public charitable trust, established and managed by the Public Trustee of Queensland to encourage charities to provide for their future funding by establishing a perpetual income through investments.

Through this perpetual Foundation, the donation or bequest capital will be preserved with the investment outcome available to Hear and Say periodically.

For further details, plesae contact the QCF on (07) 3360 3854.


If you would like to leave a bequest in your will; you have updated your will to include Hear and Say; or are interested in finding out more about bequests, please fill out the contact form below or contact us at (07) 3850 2111 or



Contact us about making a bequest



Contact us about making a bequest.

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