Give the gift of sound

Christmas Bells

Help to give the gift of sound this Christmas.

Hear and Say’s Christmas Bells symbolise ‘the gift of sound’ that our community can give to deaf children.

Available in three colours (blue, silver and gold) the bells sell for $5 each.

Here are the ways you can get involved this Christmas:


Register to sell bells!

Decorate your office tree, or front counter with Christmas Bells.

Each bell pack includes:
• 30 Bells (minimum order) valued at $150.
• A4 Counter display

To maximise your fundraising efforts we can also list you or your business as a bell seller so that anyone can drop in a buy a bell.

Register to sell bells


Buy Christmas Bells!

Online store coming soon!

Christmas Bell Order Form


Bell seller locations

Hear and Say centres, please click here for our centre locations and opening times.

More locations to come…

POP-UP Locations

Watch this space!

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Maia’s Story

At 9.10pm on 24 October 2013 our beautiful daughter Maia was born. 

The moment of elation was short-lived as we immediately noticed her left ear was missing. I frantically looked to the medical team around me for answers but received none.

Panic set in as we waited 4 days in hospital for an ENT to explain her condition, by which point we already had all the answers from Simone, who runs the Microtia and Atresia Program at Hear and Say.

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