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Hear and Say Consent

  • Communications

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  • Telepractice-based consultations

    Under certain circumstances, Hear and Say may offer the opportunity for telepractice-based (online) consultations instead of in-person with a clinician.

    We will not provide personal information to any other individuals or organisations without prior consent except where required by law to do so. At times, we may also disclose information on a confidential basis with: :
    • Your clinician/specialist must maintain confidentiality and privacy standards during sessions, and in creating, keeping and transmitting records.
    • At times, audio and video recordings of sessions may be taken to support the clinician/specialist’s work, as may occur in centre-based consultation. You will be informed before a recording takes place and can refuse to be recorded for any reason. Your clinician/specialist will inform you of the reason for the recording and how it will be stored and used.
    • While your clinician/specialist is obligated to meet standards to protect your privacy and security, telecommunication, including videoconference, may increase exposure to hacking and other online risks; as with all online activities, there is no guarantee of complete privacy and security protection. You may decrease the risk by using a secure internet connection, meeting with your clinician/specialist from a private location, and only communicating using secure channels.
    • You can ask about alternatives to telepractice at any time. If you refuse or change your mind about telepractice services, your clinician/specialist can discuss any other options with you. Your clinician/specialist may or may not be able to offer alternative services.
  • Clinical

    Hear and Say is committed to the protection of your personal information. The following is a summary of how we collect, handle, store and disclose your personal information.

    We will collect, hold and use your personal information (including from external providers) to provide you with the relevant services related to early intervention, audiological management, medical management, allied health services, habilitation and for associated administrative purposes, including external auditing.

    We will not provide personal information to any other individuals or organisations without prior consent except where required by law to do so. At times, we may also disclose information on a confidential basis with:
    • Contractors who provide services, for example, database management, printing and mailing to Hear and Say.
    • Overseas recipients, such as a medical practitioner, about an individual if they are using our health services and they reside outside Australia.
    • Emergency services in case of an emergency.
  • Research

    We work in collaboration with world-class researchers to advance our knowledge and provide the evidence-base to underpin our work and improve outcomes of children and families.  

    By indicating my consent and signing this form, I grant permission for the following general research-related activities that have been approved by the Hear and Say Research and Ethical Advisory Committee:
    • Access to my child’s medical, speech, language and hearing data that are documented in my child’s file.
    • Data sharing of my child’s results between projects.
    • Data sharing with First Voice1.
    • Access to my child’s NAPLAN results, including access to his or her writing script, if available.
    In doing so, I understand that:
    • No identifying information regarding my child or myself will be divulged; that any data collected will not be published or presented as to reveal our identity; and that our privacy will be maintained at all times.
    • Our participation is completely voluntary and that I may terminate our involvement in the studies at any time, without this affecting my child’s ongoing enrolment at the Hear and Say.
    • Although the purpose of the research projects is to improve the quality of services for children with hearing impairment, our involvement in the research may not result in any direct benefit to my child.
    • Separate consent will be sought from me for inclusion in any research projects requiring active participation by me and/or my child.
    • I have the opportunity to raise any particular concerns relevant to the participation of my child and/or myself in research and to request project updates.