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Live webinar: An Embryological Perspective of the Anatomy and Physiology of Syndromic Hearing Loss

Please note a date change to 16 February, 2021 below.

Hear from Dr Wayne Wilson, Associate Professor and Head of Audiology School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland.

This live webinar discusses the anatomy and physiology of hearing in the context of syndromic hearing loss.

Part one of the webinar will discuss the anatomical and physiological aspects of hearing that are shared with other senses and systems in the body. While part two will seek to help audiologists to “connect the dots” by showing how these shared aspects can help to explain some of the features seen in syndromes that include hearing loss.

This webinar is credited with two category 1.2 CPD AudAust points, endorsement number is CPD2021 096. An application has been submitted for CEU points from AG Bell Academy.

Where: Live webinar

When: Tuesday 16 February, 2021

Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Cost: $85: professionals | $123: those using NDIS funding (2 hours) |$60: students and those not using their NDIS

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