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Music Benefits for Kids with Hearing Loss

Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm AEST (10.00am – 12.00pm Denmark)

Where: Live webinar and recorded

Cost: General $85 | $65 students/families without NDIS | $130.18 NDIS


Many recognise the importance of music for children with hearing loss, our upcoming webinar will explore the role of music in society, musical development in childhood, and how this links to hearing loss and early intervention. Dr Jeremy Marozeau and Eloise Doherty, experts in hearing loss and music, will also discuss:

  • How musical instrument lessons contribute to the auditory processing skills of children with hearing loss
  • The ability of children with cochlear implants to identify pitch, duration, intensity, and mood in music
  • Music appreciation for those who speak tonal languages


About the presenters

Dr Jeremy Marozeau – Listening to music with a CI. It is not so bad after all!  

Dr Jeremy Marozeau is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. He is leading the “Cochlear Implant and Music” team within the department of Health technology.

Eloise Doherty Hearing loss and musical development in children

Eloise’s research explores the links between music education and auditory processing for children with hearing loss, applying novel research methodologies to explore both outcomes and experience.