Hear and Say are hearing loss and speech development experts.

Listen Little Stars

Our regular Group Social Skills Program, Listen Little Stars, for newborn to around 12 months old uses everyday living and playing situations to develop communication and social skills.

Through singing and play based activities, this program is run by our experienced Listening and Spoken Language Specialists and is designed to teach parents and carers the skills they need to help their child develop auditory awareness and spoken language through everyday life experiences. It also supports them to understand their child’s hearing loss, hearing technology and how a hearing loss may impact development as well as learn about patterns of early development and methods to encourage this.

Prior to each Listen Little Stars program, each infant with hearing loss will have their “Seven Sound Test” listening check performed by a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist which provides valuable information on the infant’s functional listening abilities that day.

Twice a term, an Australian Hearing audiologist is on site during Listen Little Stars to take ear mould impressions and give advice to families and staff on the audiological management of the individual infant.


Brisbane Listen Little Stars

We will continue to run the Listen Little Stars program via Telepractice for Term 3 to ensure the continued safety of our families and staff.

We have made a few changes to our registration process this term. We will not send out a fortnightly email regarding registrations, and instead, you can now register for the entire term or week by week below.

Fortnightly resources

Each fortnight, the resources for the Listen Little Stars program will be uploaded to the same Dropbox link, here.

Joining Listen Little Stars online

Upon registration, you will receive the link to join via Zoom.

Register here

By registering for Listen Little Stars you are helping us anticipate numbers and prepare resources, ensuring that we can continue to offer this service now and into the future. If you register and are unable to attend this session, your NDIS plan will still be charged for the hour session – $28.13.