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Listen Little Stars

Listen Little Stars uses everyday living and playing situations to develop communication and social skills.

Listen Little Stars is Hear and Say’s first group program in the Resilience and Wellbeing (Hear us RAW) continuum.  It caters for infants from birth to around 12 months of age, or when the child is starting to walk independently and their primary carer/s. It is a carer/infant program designed to educate carers how to help their infant develop auditory awareness and spoken language through everyday life experiences. It is based on the information from the ‘Listen Little Star’ resource developed by Dimity Dornan, our Hear and Say Founder.


The program will take a comprehensive approach to nurturing and educating young children who have hearing loss and their families, with an emphasis on instructing parents how to be their child’s mentor and advocate.

It is run by a senior, experienced Listening and Spoken Language Specialists with special guest appearances by audiologists, Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, other allied health professionals, external presenters and parents with children who have completed the early intervention program at Hear and Say.


Listen Little Stars provides the opportunity for carers and extended family to:

  • Understand their child’s hearing loss, hearing technology and how a hearing loss may impact an infant’s development
  • Learn the Listening and Spoken Language techniques to use in everyday routines and play with their child to encourage typical development
  • Learn about an infant’s pattern of early development and ways to encourage it
  • Connect with other families who have children with hearing loss


Program Benefits
  • Listen Little Stars is specifically designed for infants who have hearing loss and it has a Listening and Spoken Language and early attachment/bonding focus
  • Developed and facilitated by experienced Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (also a Speech Pathologist), who have the Auditory-Verbal Therapy certification through the AG Bell Academy
  • Families have access to specialised staff including Audiologists, Behaviour Management Specialists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists
  • List be Little Stars assists families to identify ways to incorporate their child’s current IEP (Individual Education Plan) into everyday activities and routines in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Prior to each Listen Little Stars program, each infant with hearing loss will have their “Seven Sound Test” listening check performed by a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. This is brief diagnostic tool provides valuable information on the infant’s functional listening abilities that day.
  • Parent training is an important component of Listen Little Stars as this is the first group program to build a family’s understanding of hearing loss, hearing technology and strategies to encourage typical infant development.
  • Twice a term, an Australian Hearing audiologist is on site during Listen Little Stars to take ear mould impressions and give advice to families and staff on the audiological management of the individual infant.


What is the Structure of Listen Little Stars?

Listen Little Stars is currently offered in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast. In Brisbane it is offered on a fortnightly basis and on the Gold Coast once a month.

The Listen Little Stars Programs follow a similar pattern giving families and infants the benefit of a familiar routine. Each session has a different parent training topic, listening and spoken language technique and opportunity for families to share experiences. Each session begins with group singing using familiar action songs and nursery rhymes to build each carer and infant’s attachment and bond.

Families at Listen Little Stars have the opportunity to observe older children with hearing loss in the LEAP program that runs at the same time. Families have reported being reassured about their infant’s development with listening and spoken language after observing these older children.


Hear and Say is an NDIS provider and our Listen Little Stars program is eligible to be funded by the NDIS.


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