Hear and Say are hearing loss and speech development experts.

Munch and Learn

The program will begin with sharing lunch and discussing the recipe of the day. The children will engage in a pretend to shopping activity to purchase ingredients for their cooking.

Using the recipe, the children will step through the cooking experience, working in pairs to encourage verbal interaction.

Discussion about happenings will occur constantly throughout the activity with a focus on predicting, problem solving and sequencing language.

The children will read a story related to the dish of the day, and finally sample their food. They will receive a Recipe Card to take home, and activities based around the story.


Program Benefits

Munch and Learn was developed for children with hearing loss the opportunity to practice conversational skills with peers in a safe and engaging environment. The goals of Munch and Learn are to develop:

  • Effective communication strategies with peers
  • Effective conversational skills such as turn-taking, topic maintenance in a group context
  • Early literacy knowledge
  • A wider vocabulary repertoire based around cooking, recipes and food
  • Independence with hearing technology
  • Receptive and expressive language structures and skills


Hear and Say is an NDIS provider and our Munch and Learn program is eligible to be funded by the NDIS.

Prices are subject to change in accordance to the NDIS price guide and will be applied at time of invoicing.

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