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Playing and Learning About Negotiating, Emotions and Teamwork

PLANET is led by our expert Listening and Spoken Language Specialists and provides an opportunity for children aged six to seven years old to continue to refine their interpersonal skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Throughout the workshop children will undertake activities which teach them strategies to develop communication skills, teamwork, emotional regulation, persistence and confidence. This program features structured activities which is adapted for each workshop however may include:

  • Art with a focus on communication skills
  • Cooking with a focus on teamwork skills
  • Sport with a focus on emotions and dealing with winning/losing
  • Science with a focus on persistence
  • Hearing with a focus on increasing confidence

Once the program has finished, participants will have a better understanding of and develop various social skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Building resilience
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Cooperation
  • Building confidence
  • Identify feelings and express emotions
  • Regulate and manage feelings and emotions in difficult situations

Upcoming Programs

PLANET Sunshine Coast

Date: Tuesday 29 September 2020

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Cost: $323.30. This can be funded through your NDIS plan. Please indicate how you manage your NDIS funding on the registration form and our team will generate an invoice for payment once registrations are complete.

If you do not have NDIS, there is an opportunity to have the cost partially subsidised. Please complete the registration form below, indicating that you do not have NDIS, and you will receive a link to the application form.

Location: Hear and Say Sunshine Coast, 60 Windsor Road, Nambour Qld 4560


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