Hear and Say are hearing loss and speech development experts.


Responsible, Optimistic, Confident Kids, and Empathetic Thinkers

Our three-day ROCKET program is led by experienced Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. ROCKET provides children aged five to six years in their prep year of school, who have a hearing loss a safe environment to explore and share their feelings and emotions.

Through structured and challenging education activities, such as science experiments, problem solving games and team work activities, the children will build their social skill-set and help them to:

  • Build confidence
  • Communicate with their peers
  • Identify feelings and express emotions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Regulate and manage feelings and emotions in difficult situations
  • Recognise values, strengths and positive qualities

ROCKET is also aligned with the National Australian Curriculum (ACARA) assisting students to develop communication, advocacy and resilience in relation to their hearing loss.


Upcoming events

Brisbane: Monday, 27 to Wednesday, 29 September 2021


Sunshine Coast: 21 September – 23 September (LAUNCHPad/ROCKET hybrid)

Gold Coast: 20 September – 22 September, 2021 (LAUNCHPad/ROCKET hybrid)


Prices are subject to change in accordance to the NDIS price guide and will be applied at time of invoicing.

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