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Online Australian Microtia and Atresia Conference

Hear and Say’s annual Microtia and Atresia Conference provides a unique opportunity to hear from industry experts about a comprehensive range of topics related to microtia and atresia, presented by leading international and Australian specialists.

The recorded presentations from our 2020 two-day Online Australian Microtia and Atresia Conference are now available featuring over 10 hours of content.

Presentation topics include:

  • Auditory Development: Dr Joe Roberson
  • Atresia Repair: Dr Joe Roberson
  • Modern Microtia Reconstruction: Dr John Reinisch
  • Custom Polyethylene Implant Ear Reconstruction: Dr Sheryl Lewin
  • Custom Porous Polyethylene Ear Reconstruction in Australia: Dr Joe Dusseldorp
  • Ribgraft Ear Reconstruction: Stuart Bade
  • CAM (Combine Atresia and Microtia Repair): Dr Joe Roberson and Dr Youssef Tahiri
  • The Role of the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist: Dr Chris Que Hee
  • Device presentations by Cochlear, Oticon Medical and Med El
  • Navigating Your Microtia and Atresia Journey: Simone Cheadle
  • Children’s Journeys: presented by various children with microtia and atresia
  • Parent and Patient Panel

For families

Cost per family: $617.60 (10 hours of parent training)

The conference presentations can be fully funded through your NDIS plan – please contact us if you would like to discuss further.

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This includes access to all the conference presentations to view at your own leisure until June 2021.

You will also receive free access until the end of January to our new Microtia and Atresia Online Video Library, featuring many more presentations relevant to microtia and atresia including audiology and Listening and Spoken Language presentations.

Families without NDIS funding

For families who are ineligible for NDIS or do not have an NDIS plan, there is subsidised registration available. You will find a link to this application form on the Alternatively please email for more information or for the link to apply for this.


Your questions regarding our conferences answered – read about how you can manage your NDIS, the conference costs and more.

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“Thank you for allowing us to have access to all of the information we have had to-date to be able to get to this point – we have made more progress in our decision making having attended your conference and this conference alone. It was fantastic to meet so many other parents and children in similar situations and to hear from the experts in the field.” – Jamie, mother to 21-month-old Edward who has microtia and atresia.

For Professionals

Cost: $195


Continuing Professional Development Points

Professional development points are available for audiologists (CPD points) and Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (CEU points) viewing the recorded presentations.

CPD Points: This conference has been endorsed by Audiology Australia and is eligible for 9.5 Category 1.2 CPD points.

CEU Points: An application is pending with AG Bell for CEU points.

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Contact us for any conference enquiries please contact Simone Cheadle on 07 3850 2111 or email

Online Video Library

Hear and Say is excited to launch the comprehensive online resource of information, tips and advice about microtia and atresia suitable for both families and health professionals.

Resources will be available on audiology, speech and language, genetics, ear reconstruction and more.

  • Audiology Basics and Atresia
  • Audiology Tests
  • Bone Conduction Devices
  • FM Systems
  • Let’s Talk About Language Development
  • Let’s Talk About Speech Development
  • Listening and Spoken Language Toolkit
  • Choosing Ear Reconstruction