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2021 Australian Microtia and Atresia Conference

Hear and Say’s annual Microtia and Atresia Conference is a unique opportunity to hear from industry experts about a comprehensive range of topics related to microtia and atresia.

There are 12 hours of presentations that cover topics such as auditory development, ear reconstruction options, and bone conduction devices. Presenters include international and Australian experts such as Dr Joseph Roberson, Dr John Reinisch, Dr Sheryl Lewin, Dr Joe Dusseldorp, Dr Stuart Bade and Dr Chris Que Hee.

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Presentation topics 

  • Auditory Development – Dr Joseph Roberson
  • Congenital Aural Atresia – Dr Joseph Roberson
  • Modern Ear Reconstruction – Dr John Reinisch
  • Innovations Using 3D Technology for Microtia – Dr Sheryl Lewin
  • Custom 3D Ear Reconstruction in Australia: State of the Art and Future Frontiers – Dr Joe Dusseldorp
  • Microtia Reconstruction in Queensland – Dr Stuart Bade
  • Combined Atresia Microtia Surgery – Dr Joseph Roberson and Dr Youssef Tahiri
  • The Role of the ENT Surgeon in Microtia/Atresia – Dr Chris Que Hee
  • 3D Scanning and Virtual Surgical Planning in Custom 3D Ear Reconstruction – Dr Joe Dusseldorp
  • Prosthetic Ears – Sophie Fleming
  • Hearing Australia Specialist Services for Children with Microtia and Atresia – Benjamin Panos
  • Top Tips for Parents of Children with Microtia and Atresia – Simone Cheadle
  • Starpore Ear Patient Specific Implants by Anatomics – Sam Miatke
  • Cochlear Baha Start and Acoustics for Microtia/Atresia – Michelle Nicholls
  • Making the most of Ponto for Children – Stephanie Carrick
  • Q&A with various presenters
  • Children and Parent’s Journeys with various children and parents
  • Parent and Patient Panel with various parents and patients


For Families

The on-demand videos are accessible with NDIS funding.

Cost per family: $781.08.


Download our NDIS FAQs to read about how you can manage your NDIS funds, the conference costs and more.

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Families without NDIS funding

For families who are ineligible for NDIS funding, there is a subsidised registration option available. To be considered for this option, please email for more information or to apply.

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For professionals

Online: $195

Continuing Professional Development Points

Audiology Australia endorsement number CPD2122 025 for category 1.2 – 12 CPD points.

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