Hear and Say can support your child’s hearing and speech development.

Telepractice Program

Our Telepractice program allows children and families, regardless of where they live both in Australia, be it local or remote, as well as internationally, to access listening and spoken language therapy via videoconferencing technology.

What services are offered?

  • Listening and spoken language therapy lessons
  • Educational setting visits to observe the child and support in their child-care, kindergarten, or school (to guide the Individual Education Plan)
  • Speech and language assessments

How does it work?

Our experienced team will work with you to achieve the same goals via Telepractice as we would during centre-based or face to face program. For Telepractice we use videoconference technology which means the structure of the lesson may be slightly different from a face-to-face centre-based lesson.

What to expect from a Telepractice lesson

Before your lesson

  • Your child’s listening and spoken language specialist will work with you to plan the lesson which you will receive via email prior to the lesson starting. This also allows you time to prepare and gather toys and resources
  • The email will also include details on the videoconferencing platform we use (more information available below under ‘Joining online’) as well as a meeting link so you can connect to the lesson


  • Discussion about your child’s progress since their last therapy lesson
  • 7 Sound Test
  • Activities to support your child’s listening and spoken language, and other areas of development
  • Most of the time, you will facilitate the activities using your child’s own toys. Our listening and spoken language specialist will provide coaching and support for you, and interact with you and your child while you undertake activities. Sometimes, your specialist might show your child their own books or resources on the screen.
  • The lesson will wrap up with a discussion about your child’s goals which you can work on at home until the next lesson, as well as developing a plan for the next lesson. Sometimes, a separate planning meeting will be scheduled via Telepractice to do this planning.

What will you need?

  • A good internet connection
  • A device (such as a laptop, iPad/tablet or smart phone) with a working camera, microphone and speaker. Please check that all of these components of your device work prior to linking up.
  • Toys, books and resources for your child’s lesson. A list of recommended resources will be included in your child’s lesson plan which you will receive in advance of the lesson.

Joining online

  1. Click here to download Zoom (Client for Meetings). Please ensure you do this prior to the lesson starting.
  2. Click on the meeting link your therapist emailed you OR open the app on your phone or computer and click ‘join a meeting’. Add meeting ID.
  3. Enter your name and email address.
  4. Ensure that your video and microphone are both turned on and working (bottom left of screen). Check that your volume is turned up.
  5. You are all set! You should hear a bell and begin to see your therapist once they join the meeting.

Telepractice Intensive Camps

Twice a year for families who live rurally or remotely, we hold an intensive program for families who access their lesson via Telepractice to join us on site at the Brisbane and/or Townsville centres. This provides an opportunity for in-centre speech and language assessments and lessons as well the opportunity for audiology consultations.

Children with hearing loss and their siblings are able to play with other children in our age-specific group social skills programs during these visits. Families have the opportunity to meet with each other and attend  education sessions.

Where possible, our team work with families to schedule travel, accommodation and additional relevant appointments during the Intensive Camps.