Hear and Say WorldWide

Hear and Say WorldWide is a world first global Hearing Health Education and Development Program established by Hear and Say in 2008.

Our professional education and training programs are provided to healthcare professionals across Australia and internationally.  We also provide parent training as part of our programs and services so that they may be able to support their child to achieve their full potential. Hear and Say also specialises in teacher training to make sure children with hearing loss are supported in their childcare, kindergarten or school environment.

Hear and Say Professional Development Program

Hear and Say WorldWide offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including training courses (containing over 20 lectures) for those wishing to become Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, as well as short courses, stand-alone lectures and conferences, all presented by qualified members of our highly experienced Clinical Team.

The majority of these professional development courses have AG Bell Academy and Audiology Australia accreditation.

Whilst Hear and Say provides services primarily to children who have hearing loss and their families, many of the techniques and strategies used apply equally to children with normal hearing.

The content of these courses is suitable for health, education and other relevant professionals, as well as for parents of children with hearing loss.


 Training Courses

Foundations of the Auditory-Verbal Approach

Advanced Skills in Auditory-Verbal Practice

ON CAMPUS Advanced Skills in Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Ireland 2020 – WorldWide Intensive Training 



Mentoring of Professionals

Event Series

Hear and Say Sunset Series

Lectures Series

Hear and Say WorldWide seeks to work with health and disability services leaders to change the way the world thinks about and treats children with hearing loss.

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Isabella’s Story

Peter and I moved to Brisbane with our son Connor when I found out I was pregnant with our daughter Isabella. 

With a second child on the way, it was going to be tough without any family support, and family is so important to us.

When she was born she was just perfect, and she still is. In hospital the newborn hearing screening test was done and that came back as inconclusive.

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