People’s Choice for Loudest Shirt

Thank you to everyone who voted for the 2019 custom-made loud shirt! All three designs were popular with the Australian public but the clear favourite, by some distance, proved to be the very LOUD Pink Party.

Congratulations goes to our competition winner, T Alexander of South Australia. Our partners at The Uniform Edit will now go into production, with our winner to become the very first person in Australia to receive this limited edition wacky shirt!

On #loudshirtday people all across our nation will be getting LOUD to show their support for kids who are deaf. You can host a Loud Shirt Day in any way you like; as a family, at work, with your friends, with a community group or with your school. It is a great way to educate the community, to understand hearing issues and to spread the message that deaf children can learn to listen and speak through early intervention.

We would you love to us join us in making some noise this year.