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My Christmas wish for Winten came true - clinician Susannah McKelvey

Susannah McKelvey, one of Hear and Say’s Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, has been working with Winten and his family since they first came to Hear and Say in 2017, “In my eyes, the best outcome would be for Hear and Say to be able to continue to support Winten and his family on their journey for as long as it takes to reach his full potential”.

When I first met Winten, I knew how much he would benefit from being at Hear and Say, not just for him but for his whole family. Our therapy program encompasses the needs of the whole child, including occupational therapy and physiotherapy, having everything in the one place makes it so much easier.

I have been working closely with the physiotherapist to get his posture just right as this is an important part of getting him ready to speak and introduce toys and sounds in his line of vision. It’s so valuable for him to be able to look at his parents, like any child at the age of two, his parents are his world and it provides extra comfort for him knowing they are there through sight and now sound.

Winten just loves it at Hear and Say, as soon as he comes in he is really bubbly and I can tell he is happy to be here. He comes in once a week and it’s a session that I will always really look forward to.

I’m so excited that he has this amazing access to sound thanks to Early Intervention and the technology of his Cochlear Implant. Already his world has been completely opened and he is working towards hearing the full spectrum of sounds. This is really special particularly at this time of year when he will be able to hear all the wonderful sounds of Christmas like the ringing of Christmas bells.

My Christmas wish for Winten is simple: to be able to truly be a part of his family – hearing everything that is going on, the bells, the carols, cooking and singing. Ever since his cochlear implant switch-on, Winten has loved hearing so many different sounds and joining in. He loves making lots of noises and does it at any given opportunity – usually with a big smile on his face.

Thousands of children, young adults and families benefit from our programs and services each year, achieving great outcomes. The strength of Hear and Say lies in our community, and in supporting Hear and Say you are helping people like Winten have their worlds opened to one of hearing, listening and speaking.

Working with children who are diagnosed profoundly deaf and helping them to hear through a combination of early diagnosis, the most advanced hearing technology and Auditory-Verbal Therapy, where we teach children to listen and speak makes me so proud to work at Hear and Say. It takes up to six years to teach one profoundly deaf child to learn to listen and speak.  This means we rely on the generous support of our donors and partners so all young children have the opportunity to Hear, Say and Live.

In my eyes the best outcome would be for Hear and Say to be able to continue to support Winten and his family on their journey, for him to always be a part of the Hear and Say family so he can reach his full potential.  With the help of you, our generous supporters, Winten is going to be given the best chance at living life like his hearing peers.

Susannah McKelvey
Listening and Spoken Language Therapist

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