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This Christmas Alastair is One Proud Dad

As Elspeth’s dad, Alastair is so proud of what his daughter has achieved in her short two years; walking, dancing, talking and developing a keen eye for shoes and hats.

Alastair always encourages Elspeth to dream big and does everything in his power to make sure she can achieve her goals.

Since finding out that Elspeth has a hearing loss, the family has worked with audiologists and listening and spoken language specialists to help her learn to listen, hear and speak.

Being able to hear is particularly valuable as Elspeth’s relationship with her big brother, Harry, continues to blossom.


“It has been so special to see Elspeth’s relationship with her brother, Harry, grow. She certainly is at a point now when she’s talking back, it’s nice to see that with the support of Hear and Say, Elspeth is able to express what she thinking and feeling.”

Although Elspeth’s diagnosis at birth was initially concerning for the young parents, Alastair does not see Elspeth’s hearing loss as something that will hold her back – now or in the future.

“Elspeth has developed her language skills wonderfully. I always say to people that her hearing loss is not a limiting factor in her success at school or anywhere else in life,” said Alastair.

“In most of her assessments now she’s achieving speech and language results above that of other children her age with normal hearing, and we are so proud of her successes! We are also thrilled that Elspeth will be able to experience all the joy that comes with hearing and speaking.”

Thanks to the support of her family and the team at Hear and Say, Elspeth can enjoy a life filled with all the special sounds of childhood, including laughter and music.

“In our house music is something we really enjoy: I play guitar and my wife, Amy plays piano. We would love it if one day Elspeth wants to learn a musical instrument too.

“In the meantime, we are excited that she is singing nursery rhymes – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a current favourite.”

Christmas time for Alastair, Amy, Harry and Elspeth will be filled the elation of carols, magical stories, the ripping of wrapping paper and tinkle of bells.

To give a gift for life this Christmas, donate to Hear and Say. Your support provides more children just like Elspeth with the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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