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Eli brings LOUD laughs to mail run

It’s said that for comedians, the delivery is everything.

That also rings true for 22-year-old Eli, who’s putting a very special stamp on the mail run service he offers from his home town just south of Cairns.

Three mornings each week, Eli assists a dozen local businesses in the area – working with his carer to collect and deliver mail and run general errands.

For this year’s Loud Shirt Day (19 October), Eli will be adding some extra colour to his services, ‘charging’ a small donation to Hear and Say in return for jokes.

Eli was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of nine months. Referred to Hear and Say in Brisbane, Eli initially used hearing aids before receiving middle ear implants known as a Vibrant Soundbridge system at the age of 16.

Eli’s mum, Linda said the ongoing support and therapy from Hear and Say, has resulted in a dramatic improvement in Eli’s speech and hearing. Today, Eli is delighted to see that people understand his speech in conversations, and the frustration he suffered through his teens has disappeared.

Having now run his business for over a year, Eli has become a recognisable and gregarious local in his community – enjoying the role that provides him with the opportunity to work, socialise and now, indulge in his passion for comedy.

Get LOUD for children with hearing loss!
You too can add colour to your day, and those around you. Register HERE to be a part of Loud Shirt Day on Friday 18 October 2019, (or on a day that suits you).


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