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Mentoring of Professionals

In Practical Application of the Auditory-Verbal Approach

Mentoring is offered remotely (online and phone), or face to face.

Dates: Upon request.
Cost:  Costing schedule available upon request.

To enquire please email

Mentoring is recognised by the AG Bell Academy for students working towards LSLS AVT/AVEd certification.

Specialty mentoring available for professionals who are learning the practical application of Auditory-Verbal Therapy.  Participants observe lessons provided by LSLS Cert AVTs and also submit their own Auditory-Verbal Therapy lessons for critique, feedback and guidance.

Professionals receiving mentoring must be working with young children who have a hearing loss and their families, using a Listening and Spoken Language (Auditory-Verbal Therapy) approach.  Mentoring is a requirement of becoming certified through the AG Bell Academy.

Note: If language translation is required, this will be at the additional expense of the Mentee.


Mentoring is recommended at regular intervals during the Mentee’s learning period. Current AG Bell certification requirements are for mentoring to take place over a 3 to 5 year period, calculated from the date of the mentee’s first lesson observed by a certified LSLS professional.

Mentoring program includes:

  • Observation, by Mentor, of lessons provided by Mentee
    • AG Bell observation form completed by Mentor
    • Feedback provided to Mentee via Skype/phone/in person
  • Observation, by Mentee, of lessons provided by LSLS Cert AVT
    • AG Bell observation form completed by Mentee
    • Discussion of lesson with Mentor, as required, via Skype/phone/in person
  • Optional on-site observations with LSLS Cert AVTs.

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