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Queensland Gets Loud

“We have two children with profound hearing loss and because of the support we have received from Hear and Say both Amelie and Xavier can hear and speak just like their peers.” – Marc Kenney, Managing Director of construction company, Mettle.

For Marc Kenney, Loud Shirt Day is a time to give back and raise awareness – and this year, his team got creative. Mettle has supported Loud Shirt Day for many years and stepped it up in 2019 after being named a Hear and Say Loud Shirt Day Ambassador. The company has rallied behind Marc and his family to support even more children with hearing loss.

Last year, Mettle hit an all-time Hear and Say Loud Shirt Day record by raising $11,244, and in 2019 they went even bigger: creating the largest Loud Shirt in Queensland – aptly named Big Shirt. “The primary idea behind
Big Shirt was to get big and loud. The bigger and louder we get, the more people become aware of what Hear and Say is really about,” said Marc.

At a whopping five metres by four metres, Big Shirt certainly lived up  to its name, with the loud design work being completed by Marc’s daughter, Amelie and her school, St Ita’s.

“It was fantastic to have the involvement from Amelie’s school in decorating Big Shirt, and to see the teachers helping to inform students about hearing loss and promoting Loud Shirt Day at their assembly,” said Marc.

Through their journey with hearing loss, the Kenney family said they couldn’t be prouder of what their children have achieved. “Amelie and Xavier’s outcomes have been largely underpinned by the support of Hear and Say.

The guidance and support they have provided through this journey has been equally helpful to us as much as to our children,” said Marc. “The fact that Amelie can be in a mainstream classroom and learn in a similar way to her peers is exactly what we wanted.

“St Ita’s has been engaged and are really supportive with how Amelie has been integrated into school life. We are really lucky to have them working with Amelie’s needs in the classroom. By being aware and making small  adjustments in the classroom, Amelie can have the same learning opportunities her peers have.

“I couldn’t be prouder of how the team at Mettle has supported the cause as well – from building Big Shirt, to hosting a carnival day – all in an effort to promote Loud Shirt Day and ensure the best possible outcomes for other families like mine.”

Hear and Say CEO, Chris McCarthy said it was only through the support of community-minded businesses like Mettle, as well as the numerous other organisations, groups and individuals who fundraised in 2019 for Loud Shirt Day, that Hear and Say could continue to teach children like Amelie and Xavier to hear, listen and speak.

“We are thrilled at how the community has rallied behind Loud Shirt Day this year, and are so grateful to everyone who participated,” said Chris.

“Whether it’s making a donation, holding a fundraising event or even telling someone about Hear and Say’s work at a backyard barbecue; it all makes a difference.”

Thanks to our incredible supporters we raised $150,000 supporting children to hear, listen and speak.


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