Rehabilitation, training and therapy

The Hear and Say team is committed to the long-term support of people who receive cochlear implants, from the initial assessment to post-surgical programming, ongoing therapy, training and management to maximise the performance of the device and hearing outcomes for patients.  Much of our support and therapy can be provided internationally via tele-health options.

Rehabilitation trains the brain to use the sound signal from a hearing device. Hear and Say can undertake:

  • Individualized auditory rehabilitation following the fitting of hearing technology including goal setting and a home program;
  • Troubleshooting and managing expectations
  • Difficult conversations about hearing (e.g. if loved one/partner has hearing loss)
  • Use of information and communication technology to stay social
  • Small group programs- techniques to optimize listening, communication strategies, self-advocacy, importance of staying social


For more information or to book a hearing assessment, call 07 3850 2111 or email