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Improving learning in the classroom

The noise of a classroom can make it hard for children to hear and fully participate in learning. Amplification systems, such as the Roger™ assistive listening devices and Roger™ SoundField can connect directly to student’s hearing devices as well as boost the sound of the teacher’s voice for all via loudspeakers. Multimedia hubs stream the sound signal from computers, smartboard and TVs directly to the child’s hearing device, SoundField system or both.

Enhancing the quality of sound, especially the teacher, can achieve:

  • Quieter and calmer listening conditions
  • Improved learning for all students
  • Increased attention, interaction and participation
  • Less time spent repeating information or instructions
  • Reduced need for teachers to raise and strain their voice to be heard

One easy-to-use system suited to all students, including those with hearing loss.

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