Hear and Say are independent experts in hearing health. 

Services for Children with Hearing Loss 

Early Intervention Program

Hear and Say provides early intervention to support and manage your child’s hearing loss using Listening and Spoken Language Therapy with the Auditory-Verbal Approach.

Listening and Spoken Language Therapy focuses on working in partnership with parents to teach their children to hear, listen and speak.

Every child has their own individualised plan to ensure they meet developmental milestones at the same time as their hearing peers. It is our mission to ensure that every child can lead a full life, learning and developing to their full potential.

The Early Intervention Program is for children aged from birth to seven years old who are identified with a hearing loss.

Targeted Intervention

Listening and Spoken Language Therapy can benefit children of all ages, including school-age students. Hear and Say offers Listening and Spoken Language Therapy for older children and young adults, from six years old. Through specific activities, our team focuses on education, guidance and the application of strategies to promote the acquisition of spoken language and literacy for children with all types of hearing loss.

Additional Services

Our Auditory Learning Program exists to help people of any age to transition from their existing hearing technology to a new advancement, for example, from a digital hearing aid to a cochlear implant.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Listening and Spoken Language Therapy

Hear and Say have professionally accredited Listening and Spoken Language specialists with expertise in children’s speech, language and development.

Group Programs 

Hear and Say have a range of social skills programs for children and oung adults with hearing loss to help build resilience and wellbeing.


Hear and Say  provides services via tele-health which means people with hearing loss can access our services according to their needs. 

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