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What is a gift in Will?

A gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, is one of the most important documents you will prepare during your lifetime. It is a planned current or future donation you make to a charity when you decide to include them in your Will. It is a decision that an individual makes, with their loved ones and values at the fore, in their financial planning process.

A gift in Will varies from person to person – depending on your wishes, it may be a percentage or share of your estate, a sum of money, property, shares, or even your entire estate.

Meet Jaspa
“I am no different to other kids my age. I can speak, listen and participate in everything they can. I just have some extra accessories on my head that help me.”

At just eight weeks old, Jaspa was fitted with hearing aids and started weekly listening and spoken language therapy at Hear and Say. Jaspa’s hearing worsened at two years old, ultimately leading to cochlear implants in both ears. Now 11 years old, Jaspa is School Leader and enjoys hip hop dancing and plays club netball.

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Why leave a gift in your Will?

When founding Hear and Say in 1992, Dr Dimity Dornan AO had a vision to help all babies born deaf to hear, listen and speak. From these humble beginnings with just six children, our team of world-leading professionals now delivers vital audiology, speech and language services to thousands of families.

Changing the lives of babies born deaf or hard of hearing. By including Hear and Say in your Will, you are playing a vital role in providing long-term funding to ensure Hear and Say is here to support babies and children into the future.

Leaving a footprint. Know you have contributed something special, has made an impact that will last much past our own lifetime, and will be remembered gratefully by those whose lives you touched.

Your gift will support the life-long journey children with hearing loss through:

  • Early diagnosis to ensure they have the best chance to meet key milestones
  • Early intervention teaching them to hear, listen and speak
  • Ongoing audiology services to fine tune their hearing technology and ensure it is delivering the best sound to their brains
  • Support life-changing research into clinical management improvements

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“It’s been wonderful watching the children’s faces light up when they see the new outdoor area. The playground has been designed specifically to assist the development of fine motor, gross motor and social skills in young children born deaf or hard of hearing.
The children thrive as they practice their listening and talking during play in a fun and supportive environment.” – Roxanne Innes, Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Hear and Say Sunshine Coast Centre.