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We work with families and children of all ages

Advances in modern hearing technologies mean that now, more children than ever before, have access to sound and the potential to learn to listen and speak.

Since 1992, we have been working with families to develop the potential of their children with all types of hearing loss to; HEAR the world around them, LISTEN to their loved ones, SPEAK like their friends, DEVELOP skills across all areas, ATTEND mainstream school, PARTICIPATE in the local community and BELIEVE that they can do anything they want.


From Early Intervention through to our Alumni, our programs are designed to give lifelong benefits.


We work with early educators for acoustic assessments, technology and therapy as well as Hear to Learn school screening.

Health Professionals

Hear and Say WorldWide delivers accredited courses to health professionals all over the world. We can also assist with patient referrals and queries about the NDIS.

Rural and Remote Areas

Our Telepractice Program ensures we can deliver our services to families in remote areas and internationally.

Around the World

We collaborate with a number of international bodies to ensure that Hear and Say shares our research and findings to improve health outcomes for children and adults across the globe.

Our Community

Hear and Say works with children as they grow and maintains an active community of parents and Alumni who get involved in our events, fundraising and volunteering.

Isabella’s Story

Peter and I moved to Brisbane with our son Connor when I found out I was pregnant with our daughter Isabella. 

With a second child on the way, it was going to be tough without any family support, and family is so important to us.

When she was born she was just perfect, and she still is. In hospital the newborn hearing screening test was done and that came back as inconclusive.

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