• Listenand speak
  • Believethat anythingis possible
  • Knowthere is abetter future
  • Hearthe worldaround them
  • Speaklike theirhearing peers
  • Sharethe wonder ofwhat we do
  • Experiencethe joy of speechand language

Welcome to hear and Say

Hear and Say is one of the leading paediatric Auditory-Verbal and Implantable Technologies (including cochlear implants) organisations in the world, teaching children who are deaf to hear, listen and speak since 1992.

It costs Hear and Say more than $10,000 each year for up to six years to teach one deaf child to learn to listen and speak. With 650+ children and young adults  in our program this means we must rely on our fundraising events and activities, and the generous support of our donors and partners. View our funding sources.


To find out more about the work we do at Hear and Say and how you can help make a difference please explore our website. We also invite you to visit the Hear and Say Facebook and Blog.


Hear and Say is a Better Start provider. For further information contact Hear and Say 07 3870 2221.

Latest News

Sean and Tammie, parents to Hudson, discovered that a rare gene they both carried caused Hudson to be born deaf. Having discovered Hear and Say they share their very personal story and future dreams for Hudson in this video.


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