Give the gift of sound 

and speech 

Changing lives, together

Your donation this Christmas is giving the precious lifelong gifts of hearing, listening and speaking to children with hearing loss, like two-year-old Elspeth.

Despite being born with two rare ear conditions known as microtia and atresia, Elspeth will enjoy all the wonderful sounds of Christmas this year because of Hear and Say’s early intervention, the latest technology and highly specialised listening and spoken language therapy.

“When Elspeth was born, it was immediately obvious that something was wrong with her ear. At the time we didn’t know exactly what this would mean for her and our family, but we knew about the incredible outcomes possible for children with hearing loss, even those living in remote areas if they receive the right help.” – Alastair, Elspeth’s dad

Read more about Elspeth’s hearing journey here.

On behalf of our children and families, thank you for your generosity this Christmas.

Today Elspeth is almost two years old, loves hats and shoes, wears glasses to help her see and a Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) to hear.

Click here to read Elspeth’s story.